Wednesday, October 9, 2013



A few years back when I opened up the Countdown to Halloween with a feature on the great photo book called HAUNTED AIR by Ossian Brown, I kind of fell in love with these out-of-context photos of people from a different time and place...

And so, occasionally, I'll go web-diving and eBay-trolling for some of these interesting slices of life for many different reasons.  Depends on the photo in question, really.

Sometimes it'll be a costume, a mood, an expression, whatever impression it makes on me as long as it is interesting and I'll snag it for review later.

Tonight I'll share some examples that fit the season:

Only one of these children knew they were being photographed.

When the teacher was distracted by the skeleton kid in the front row--that was when Darth Vader boy gave the Lone Ranger a telling sideways glance.

The coolest gal in this picture is skeleton lass, oh, and she knows she's the coolest too!

This one just reminded me so much of THE SHINING, when Nicholson as Torrance eyes the old photo in the ballroom area and spots himself in the picture.

Pretty rare to find a costume from that period with shoes/feet to match!

Possibly as rare to find a guy dressed up as a witch.

The little blonde girl could not be more terrified of E.T. that is, unless her mother is about to make her accept candy from this wrinkly strange creature!  The little girl next to her, however, couldn't care less.

Dancing around a genuine Halloween Tree!

Possibly two clowns--not sure exactly what the little kid is supposed to be, other than creepy!

Three clowns?  And, I guess in threes is when clowns just seem less creepy.

And then the two siblings played house wearing their parent's faces as masks...

Answering the question:
Is there an age at which its wrong for adults to dress up for Halloween?

Mabel then raised her hands and said,
"Wait 'til I put on my costume!  It's totally fab!"

Candy?  No, we've come for your soul!

Ladies and gentlemen: Cher!

There are no words.

And with that disturbing bit of imagery, I bid you good evening!


Caffeinated Joe said...

The masks of the past are super creepy, sometimes unintentionally so! And yeah, that last pic... Wow.

Gary Lee said...