Thursday, August 16, 2012


Joe Kubert was one of those comic book artists whose legend matched their talent.

I say this because so many of the artists out there who are considered great by the average fan just don't measure up.  Artists who have been at it for decades who are really good tend to fade away.  Artists who are "hot" for a year or two usually burn out.  Artists with the popular style have their style go out of style and they fade into obscurity.

Mr. Kubert did it for 7 decades.

He was probably never the really hot artist, or had the style that said "now!" and he was consistently great for all of his time as a comic book artist--he didn't fade away.  Putting in the work on a regular basis, knocking out covers by the dozen, drawing sequential art page after page.  He got the job done and as well as anyone ever has.

In fact, it's probable that Mr. Kubert's gravitas is, even now, undervalued.  Even with tributes and acknowledgements and praise being heaped upon the man from all corners of the industry,
it just may not be high enough.

And that says nothing of the man's work as an editor for DC Comics for over ten years or the founding of his unique art school or even providing two sons who have taken to their father's trade with gusto.

This is a man with a legacy that befits his work ethic and skill level.
Some examples of Mr. Kubert's greatness...

The following clip from a French television program features three of the all-time greats (Neal Adams, Moebius & Joe Kubert), it's a shame two of them have now shuffled off this mortal coil:

This is Joe Kubert's take on Moebius' character...

Below, Joe portrays the All-Star Squadron in heated battle...

One of the many covers by Joe depicting the horrors of war and more...

A very moody cover featuring The Hammer of Hell...

The fifth cover of the Comic Book Price Guide portraying one of Joe's favorites--Tarzan.


The Sarge...

Tor tussles with a triceratops...

I'll end this with something John Byrne,
the favorite comics artist of my youth,
had to say about Mr. Kubert...

"A friend once described Batman by saying he was "second best -- at everything!"
In other words, if you took any one of Batman's skills, you would find there was one person in the world who was better than him at that particular skill.

But Batman had ALL the skills, and they added up to the World's Greatest Detective.

In many ways, this also described Joe Kubert.

There were others who had individual parts of the puzzle down a bit better than Joe,
but he brought all the pieces together.

And thats why, when people as me who's the best overall comicbook artist,
I don't say Kirby, or Neal Adams, or Alex Toth,
or anyone but JOE KUBERT."

Monday, August 13, 2012


Using this space to post some images elsewhere.  I won, so I get the spoils and that is the Beowulf-like freedom to brag about it in my every post ad infinitum!


Monday, August 6, 2012


Kicked off the week with a series of Batgirl sketches...
all BARBARA GORDON, all the time!

And Kick...

And Punch...

And Jog...

And Vamp...

(Click any of these images to make them Brave & Bold)

Meanwhile, Bizarro hunts down his enemy...


Well you know my name is Simon and I like to do drawings...
just a line from a children's show I used to watch, and such a perfect line for this Blog Post!

Jumped back into the Daily Sketch Challenge over at DeviantArt and OUTCAST STUDIOS this week and boy are my out of shape fingers tired.
Well, not so much tired as arthritic!

Anyway, here's what my little hand was up to...

A series of Tarzan sketches that turned out to be much more Frazetta than
my ideal vision of the ape man, which is the Buscema/Filmation look that I grew up on:

(Click any to Tarzanify)

I challenged the group to portray their favorite Doctor from DOCTOR WHO, I couldn't decide
who to portray, so I just started drawing and David Tennant came out of my pencil in a decent sketch that remains unfinished:

Lum, the classic anime/manga good girl/bad girl
was subject for a day and I tried to get there in my sketch:

But wait there's more!