Monday, August 6, 2012


Well you know my name is Simon and I like to do drawings...
just a line from a children's show I used to watch, and such a perfect line for this Blog Post!

Jumped back into the Daily Sketch Challenge over at DeviantArt and OUTCAST STUDIOS this week and boy are my out of shape fingers tired.
Well, not so much tired as arthritic!

Anyway, here's what my little hand was up to...

A series of Tarzan sketches that turned out to be much more Frazetta than
my ideal vision of the ape man, which is the Buscema/Filmation look that I grew up on:

(Click any to Tarzanify)

I challenged the group to portray their favorite Doctor from DOCTOR WHO, I couldn't decide
who to portray, so I just started drawing and David Tennant came out of my pencil in a decent sketch that remains unfinished:

Lum, the classic anime/manga good girl/bad girl
was subject for a day and I tried to get there in my sketch:

But wait there's more!

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