Saturday, February 16, 2013


Been busy sketching and doodling and getting reacquainted with Photoshop for the Character Battle Royal over at Outcast Studios.  Boy, does it show that I haven't kept up my digital art practice, let alone my continued crawl into the digital age of art.

First up, a ballpoint on cardboard sketch of the Scarlet Witch for the DSC--you may be able to tell that my version of Wanda here is greatly informed by John Byrne's depiction of her.:

(Click to enlarge)

This one features Daredevil--the character I chose to use throughout the CBR (however far I can advance anyway).  Here is DD diving out of what would've been a Mack truck as I was attempting to depict him ramming Power Girl with it.
(Click to elongate)

Here we have old Matt Murdock struggling to continue after a particularly tough battle--I'm still working out my idea for the DD vs Power Girl CBR fight.  I like this pose and may revisit it should I feel that it fits a particular showdown.
(Click to embolden)

Here's Power Girl getting hit by what was to be that Mack truck, but I later decided would be a wrecking ball.  I think this is the only pose I practiced for the final piece.
(Click to enhance)

And here's the pose that I initially thought up for DD.  Problem was that the wire holding the ball wasn't showing enough power behind the impact I wanted to have on Power Girl, so I changed it to his other hand--thus giving the effect of a more powerful collision with Matt's opponent.
(Don't click to enlarge as the anatomy isn't quite worked out)
Coming up next the further development of my Round 1 battle featuring Daredevil and Power Girl.