Sunday, March 10, 2013


We at Outcast Studios sometimes fight amongst our selves--with art!  In an attempt to challenge our artistic side, we pit our ability to portray character conflicts against each other.  So we each choose characters and are paired off to portray our characters' clashes.  It's a fun and friendly contest that lends itself toward real improvement in skill and creativity.

This time around I chose Daredevil: The Man Without Fear as my avatar in the fray--a fray which featured more entrants and more diversity of character than we've ever had before.  So it was a real wonder what one was going to have to attempt to portray (it's hard enough to draw comic book characters facing off--let alone cartoon animals).

Luckily DC's Power Girl was paired off with my Daredevil, but then again this is VERY unlucky for poor Daredevil himself.  He physically doesn't stand much of a chance against a woman with the power of a Superman.

So what I thought back to was those many issues where DD is facing an opponent who is head and shoulders above him in power.  There's the classic DD vs Sub-Mariner, DD vs The Hulk, etc.  And so I thought, if I'm going to portray this, I want to show a moment (however fleeting) when Daredevil has an advantage in this fight.  And so I thought about DD using the city around him as a weapon against Powergirl and that led to, first, a Mack truck and finally a wrecking ball...
(Was very reluctant to have Powergirl cover up the wrecking ball, which I was really satisfied with.)

(Would like to have time to throw in some more color details on Powergirl.)

(Still not satisfied with that flat background--will return to put in something fitting eventually.)
This piece won my first round competition and I was able to move on to Round 2, which pitted Daredevil against Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.  Now this REALLY opened up a bag of worms that I'm still dealing with today...oh, joy!

More on that in just a little bit...