Saturday, June 29, 2013


As the Superman movie MAN OF STEEL approached, I began to get a little excited about it--
from the ads, it looked to be a Superman film I could potentially love.

Inspired by this and always looking for a timely subject for the Outcast Studios folks,
I chose to do a Super-Week of subjects Superman related...
I only got around to three of the five challenges.

(Ma and Pa Kent find wee baby Kal emerging from his rocket-ship)

(Lex Luthor doing his thing--being evil and a genius.)

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Well here I go again coming back from a hiatus that I hadn't intended.

Oh, I've been busy with Outcast Studios--trying to help keep it up and running as the forum seems to have lost some of it's finest regulars.  Drawing the occasional thing here or there, but nothing consistent or challenging enough to give back any returns in improvement to my skills or whatever.

But that's about to change!  Or so I hope.

I'll be up to my old tricks with a few commissions I've been postponing and that should lead me back to the path of improvement again.

We'll see, well, I'll see and if it's any good at all I'll certainly share it with you good people here.

In the meantime, a bunch of stuff I think will be new here:

Hulk VS Blackbolt for all the Marvels

Bucky shooting up the joint as Winter Soldier

Rose Red being romanced by Boy Blue (and they don't just call him blue because he's sad)

The Inhumans' elemental lass Crystal...

And a digital sketch of Dan Simmons' The Shrike or at least how I pictured him this time around.

Well that's all for now,
so don't be a stranger and I'll try to be even more strange than usual...