Sunday, October 27, 2013


(The Dracula Versus)

Anytime you're the heavy and Dracula is one of the baddest of the bad,
you're going to come into conflict with nearly everyone you meet.
They've got blood, you eat blood, there's the rub...

To that end, I've compiled a large collection of images depicting the Lord of Vampires in conflict with other characters in book, film, television and comic books.

Have a look...

Possibly the worst film ever made of the potentially greatest story concept!  Sadly this is one of Lon Chaney, Jr.'s last films.  It's so bad, it's almost watchable.

Not a bad story for a very off-beat idea--one to watch if given the chance one day.

I wish I could say I've seen this one, but I'm honestly not even sure if it exists or some fan made this thing up as a joke.

Which is the case with the above "poster"--one well worth a look if it did exist!

Dracula beats up everybody!

Drac and Frankie have to team-up to take on the man of steel!

Mr. T--'Nuff said!

The green-skinned Hulk vs white-face Dracula! 

Zorro prepares to take down the Prince of Darkness!

Vlad vs Arthur for all the marbles!

Dracula doesn't like this particular child of the night!

I think it's because Chris Claremont liked Dracula that he showed up a few different times during his long run as X-writer X-traordinaire!

The two above show how it is attractive to pit such a heroic character as Holmes against such a dark one. 

Don't know how the battle comes out, but it sure looks promising!

Mr. Colan was  probably asked to draw this strange crossover and Mr. Palmer was called in to ink!

I expect more trouble between these two...

Ah, here we go!  Mr. Frank Frazetta's painting of Dracula battling the Wolf-Man! 

Hard to believe there was a two issue arc in the pages of THOR just before Mr. Simonson did is legendary run in which Dracula bites Sif and has enhanced power because of it.  Never fear, as Thor soon shows up, properly outraged, and battles the blood-sucking fiend until he has to retreat into the darkness from whence he sprang!

Much like the tales of Mephisto versus Norrin Radd, this one seems more high-brow than most battle issues!

Immortal mutant versus immortal vampire--my money's on Vlad.

These two are natural enemies and often come into conflict--
it's a tough road to hoe for Stephen Strange!

Here we have two stories that mix the mafia with monsters!

Sadly, the Dracula depicted in Buffy was a joke compared to the vast majority depicted in the media usually.

Bad idea for Superman to attempt to take down Dracula without some help from Zatanna!

As is always the case, if you exist in pop culture, sooner or later you will meet Batman!

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