Wednesday, October 2, 2013



When going about putting together this year's Countdown to Halloween blog, I got to thinking about dressing the place up a bit more for the occasion.
A little something extra to get into the mood.

So I tried coming up with alternate titles for my blog and the obvious one was "Count Blogula" as the focus of the thing is Dracula and all things vampire.  My nephew even helped come up with the idea.  But when I went looking around to see about the title, it appears that there already was a "Count Blogula"--a few, possibly.  Not really hard to believe, since it's kind of an obvious choice, and so I had to eliminate it as a faux title.

But not before I did some experimenting with the idea (and others):

Above, I wanted to try a kind of texture that was half welcome mat, half pumpkin and I think it came out pretty well.  Click to get a closer look.

This is more a neon sign approach which wasn't half bad--I try it out below with another possible blog title.

I have always loved the title of the Hammer film DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE more than any other title featuring the bloody Count and so I gave it a shot here with kind of a poster design minus the painting or photo.

I was playing around with lens flares here and kind of liked the way it almost looked like the sunrise--a clear sign that the good guys might just carry the day in your classic vampire flick!

Another experiment in the neon look with a different title--came up with this one last minute and have yet to take the time to see if anyone has this as their handle.  Maybe I'll get around to using it this year or next--we shall see.

And now a musical treat for all you kids out there--a little ditty about a whole different kind of vampire from Arctic Monkeys:


Caffeinated Joe said...

Cool stuff. I like the 2nd to last banner. :)

Gary Lee said...

Thanks! So you dig the lens flare look? I did too, it may make a surprise appearance a little further down the line. Thanks for tuning in!