Monday, October 28, 2013


(...what music they make.)

These are the Dracula or Vampire themed songs that I didn't get to share with you all month long as I'd intended.  There have been a handful of songs posted, but I had intended on it being a daily thing and I just didn't get there with the numbers.  Here are some of the best of the rest that didn't make it, so prick up your ears and enjoy, y'all children of the night!

Let's start off with Blue Oyster Cult's tribute to the German adaptation of Mr. Stoker's tale with a lengthy intro by David Carradine...

Next up, we have Superdrag, an alt band out of Tennessee with...
"Do the Vampire"

Radiohead can be all over the place and I usually love their work,
this next song is haunting:
"We Suck Young Blood"

Los Straitjackets play a mean style that falls somewhere between rockabilly and surf rock--
whatever you call it, it will stick in your head like a machete in the hand of Jason Voorhees... this is...

Louden Wainwright III is a comedian, musician and actor who I first stubbled across as an actor, but his humor really shows here:
"Vampire Blues"

Garbage from 2.0
"Temptation Waits"

Bif Naked's

Birthday Party
"Release the Bats"

ZZ Top did a song for the Dusk 'Til Dawn soundtrack called...
"She's Just Killing Me"

"Baby Vampire Made Me"

Concrete Blonde


Unknown said...

Excellent list.

I'd also recommend:

Dracula by The Upsetters

I Drink Blood by Rocket From the Crypt

Love Song For a Vampire by Annie Lennox

Vampire by The Crystals

Me and Bela Lugosi by The Immigrants

Night of the Vampire by Roky Erickson and the Aliens

Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall) by The Duponts

and especially,

Vampire Girl by Jonathan Richman

Vampire by the Bel-Aires

Gary Lee said...

Thanks for the recommends! I certainly can use them in the future. Luckily, I was able to use Roky Erickson and Annie Lennox earlier this month.