Saturday, October 5, 2013



As the year gets closer to Halloween, I tend to peel my eyes and take long scrolls down the internet via google and deep plunges into the listings at eBay for all items that relate to the eve in question.

They say that if you want to know if something exists, simply check eBay and you'll find out.  And I find that to be fairly true--it's rare to stump eBay completely.  If it exists, someone is selling it or something similar.  Besides, I find the neatest pictures there even if I don't find the actual thing I'm looking for.

Tonight we're taking a break from Dracula to take a closer look at some spiffy Halloween themed lamps.  Why?  Well, three reasons actually; first, I found a bunch of neat ones listed over on eBay--that's right, some of these are still listed ; secondly, it's mighty late and this is a fast way to get something posted; and lastly, because I said so.

And so, let there be light:

The two pictures above are of the same lamp, but it's my favorite.

On that note, see you back here tomorrow for more funky features on this most frightening of holidays...


halloween spirit said...

Wow! I guess there really is something for everyone. :0

Caffeinated Joe said...

Wow - I love almost each and every one of them!!!

Gary Lee said...

Thanks Spirit and Joe--good to get your feedback!