Friday, October 4, 2013



Dracula, being the ultimate pitch-man, the king huckster, the Count of self-promotion, always seems to have some new project in the works.  Hell, he's usually up to a few things all at once being the cunning pitchman that he is and that's why it's never surprising to see some new Prince of Darkness project show up...

(Not sure exactly what, but something is off with that vixen's face--otherwise, not a bad poster)

We live in a what have you done for me lately society, but Dracula always seems to have an answer--this month alone he launches a television show on NBC and today Dario Argento’s DRACULA 3-D launches into theatres and on iTunes!  Asia Argento stars and Rutger Hauer takes on the role of Professor Van Helsing in a sexy spin on the tale of the vampire Count.  From the trailer, it appears to feel a little Hammer and a lot Argento.

As I look at the clock, I notice that TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES has already begun it's feature  series on Vincent Price this month--every Thursday night, they will show several of Mr. Price's films, his work from all genres and eras.  I will not fail to inform you of these future days and the films scheduled to be shown.

And they also will feature some of the finest horror/suspense/sci-fi pictures on Friday nights this month with a few sprinkled in on the other days as well.  TCM is very good at setting the mood for the month and I always like to give them their due here at THE GOODS.

For example:


8PM  -  Carnival of Souls
9:30PM  -  Night of the Living Dead
11:15PM  -  Das Testament Des Dr. Mabuse
1:30AM  -  Bride of Frankenstein
3AM  -  Frankenstein Created Woman
4:45AM  -  The Wasp Woman
6:30AM  -  Captain Nemo and the Underwater City

There it is, in one night the freakiness of a woman haunted by fate, a group of people hunted by the undead, a plethora of mad doctors, and much, much more!

You can't go wrong--unless you forget to tune in!

Until tomorrow night, kiddies, enjoy this evil vampire baby:

(Click for a closer look and a sniff of his dirty, undead diaper!)

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