Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It's going to have to be a much more casual countdown to the hallowed holiday that we all know and love as HALLOWEEN this year--mainly because I've not had the proper frame of mind to get myself organized as of yet.  Usually by now I've gotten this thing broken down into weeks and possibly even days, thoroughly planned out pics and tales and reviews and, well, you know, THE GOODS.

Didn't quite make it this year.

But, fear not, dear reader (or maybe you should!), for all will be well as the days draw down to the darkness that is to come.  The "BLOG OF BLOOD" as I have temporarily labeled this place, will yield it's due come reaping time!

The title "BLOG OF BLOOD" is fitting this year because my main focus will be those blood-sucking fiends, the vampire--and the granddaddy of them all, DRACULA!  Figured it was about time to give Bram Stoker's invention a good looking over and, of course, the lore that inspired the good Count.

And, all the while, I'll be giving the novel a listening to on audiobook to enhance the countdown--if nothing else, it makes me sad that the arts of letter-writing and journal-keeping have fallen so far to the way-side.  Mina could teach kids today the importance of good correspondence.

(Like myself, it appears good ol' Christopher Lee hasn't quite summoned the Halloween spirit yet...)

Before we go, I must first encourage you to click on the "Countdown to Halloween" button to get linked up to the center of our blog circle from which you can visit one of a multitude of blogs such as this for a peek at the plethora of paths we all take to reach that dark, gooey center of ourselves as the darkness grows more present and the cool air creeps in under the doors!

I will, regardless of my slow start, make an effort to post something of value each and every night this month, so stick around as we continue the...


halloween spirit said...

I'll have to be brave to follow this countdown. Vampires scare me! <:O

Gary Lee said...

You can do it, as scary as vampires are, the thought of no Halloween Countdown scares me more!

Wear your cross and you should be fine! Thanks for tuning in.