Thursday, October 21, 2010


The above depiction of Gomdulla, the living Pharoah was drawn on sketchbook paper with pencil, pen and brush pens.

(Notice that Kirby or his inker left off one of the fingers on Gomdulla's right hand or did they put an extra on his left?)
In JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #61, we first meet the gaze of Gomdulla, a monstrous mummy that is on display in an Egyptian Museum. Two children are playing and accidentally trip a hidden stud on his foot. The gigantic mummy is then brought back to life, smashing his way out of the museum.

An agent of Interpol is sent to investigate the worshippers of Gomdulla where he discovers the cult’s hide-out and attempts to arrest their leader. That is when Gomdulla, who has been sitting motionless among his group, springs to life attempting to kill the agent. Just before the agent is killed, the cult leader leaps and hits the secret stud that puts the monster back into his sleep. The leader then explains to the agent that the group was forced into service by Gomdulla, who was, in fact, an alien invader that the Egyptians had beaten many centuries ago.

There were two other mummy characters who appeared at Atlas/Marvel in that general time period. One was simply referred to as The Mummy and the other is known as Mummex. It is unclear if they were related in anyway or if they are some form of the same mummy.

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Mark Brett said...

Nice one, Gary! Who doesn't love a good mummy?

...hmm. That sounds dirtier than I intended. And I intended it to sound pretty dirty to begin with...

Jeff W. said...

Wow. That's a great sketch! Now I'm hungry for some Yummy Mummy cereal.

Gary Lee said...

Damn, first Mark falls in love with a mummy and Jeff wants to cannibalize one. Which is more wrong?!?

Jeff W. said...

I'm sure mummies have excellent nutritional value. Booberry? Not so much.