Thursday, October 28, 2010

Countdown to Halloween Day 28: GOR-KILL the WATER DEMON

I alone know the dread secret of... Gor-Kill the Living Demon! Well, me and a few thousand other folks anyway. I took a picture of a location in Krakow, digitally manipulated it so that it looked to be the middle of the night looking over the river and attempted to draw/paint in Gor-Kill emerging from the water.

TALES OF SUSPENSE #12--A gaseous alien being drifted through space and onto the planet Earth in search of water here. Sensing a vast resource, it crashed into the Krakow Dam near a small village on the coast. There it merged with the water, forming a massive water monster and attacked the town.

After this, the town called it “Gor-Kill” after a local legendary water demon. They were unable to find the creature as they were looking for something of flesh and blood, not water and gas. A wanderer named Hans Grubnik realized that it WAS the water and urged his fellow townspeople to not let the monster reach the ocean where it could bond with the vast amounts of water there. The villagers were just plenty happy that the creature would be moving on.

Grubnik decided to take action himself, taking a round of dynamite, he planted it in the path of the monster and waited for it to step over. It was then that he set off the explosives, dispersing Gorkill into mere droplets of water that were absorbed into the soil.

TALES OF THE UNTOLD--At some later point in time, Ulysses Bloodstone battled the creature known as Gor-Kill, the Living Demon.

Easily one of my favorite Halloween greeting cards...

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