Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The first of the Kirby Monsters that I post is the son of yet another fantastic monster who will appear later in our countdown, he is: GOOGAM, Son of Goom. I decided I had enough time tonight to throw a little color on Googam to pretty him up for our inaugural post. Click on it to get the big picture. Below is the straight from pencils version (it's clickable too).

Googam, Son of Goom, is an alien invader from the planet “X”. His father brought him to Earth on his initial invasion and hid the undeveloped Googam in a cave. Googam is abandoned when Goom is captured and returned to Planet X. Googam is later discovered by a boy. As Googam is about to destroy the boy’s home, the kid challenges Googam to a game of tag. The boy then leads Googam into quicksand where the invader apparently drowns.

TALES OF SUSPENSE #17 is the first appearance of Googam.

Googam went on to became a valet and member of the Fin Fang Four.

And now, the next Halloween Greeting...

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