Sunday, October 24, 2010

Countdown to Halloween Day 24: TABOO OF THE MURKY SWAMP

Now we come to the muck monster of this bunch of the Lee/Kirby Marvel Monsters and there are a few things you should know. Of course, all monsters without skeletons owe a debt to The Blob, because that guy was huge (literally). Anyway, I began drawing another muddy monster who originally went by the name "The Glob" whose name was changed in the '70s reprints to "Glop" so as not to be confused with another character who'd taken on the name in the years since the original Glob had been created. I personally don't remember anything using that name, but that was probably a wee bit before my time. So I thought: since I'm going to be drawing Taboo anyway and he and this Glob/Glop guy look the same, why not go with him instead.

Taboo's tale was told originally in STRANGE TALES #75 & 77 and it goes a little something like this...

Taboo's spacecraft crash landed in the Amazon rain forrest many, many years ago. He remained in the swamp for someone who could help him. In the centuries since he crashed, his existence caused the natives to come to call him "swamp demon".

Finally, novelist Lewis Conrad comes across the stranded alien mud monster and, upon hearing his story of being a peace loving alien in need, decides to help him out. Taboo asks for a device containing all of Earth's knowledge. However, when he gets this device, he boldly announces his intent to use this knowledge to return and conquer the planet. As Taboo took off for space, a hydrogen bomb hidden in the device exploded, blasting the mud giant into a million pieces, because humanity had not been as trusting as Taboo expected.

Later, Taboo's body reformed from across the globe and reassembled in New York City, where the monster began a rampage. It was at this point that a new space ship containing more of his people arrived and stopped the mayhem. They condemned his behavior, called him "sick" and took him away after repairing all of the damage.

And now, Glob/Glop for your amusement.

Hey look a card-again:

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