Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Countdown to Halloween Day 20: GORGILLA THE MISSING LINK

Gorgilla is the second of the Kirby Monsters to be featured here at The Goods and he came out a little different than I'd hoped. Oh, he has all of the basic features of the classic Kirby design, but the flair is not there. That there are no other figures in the drawing to show off his 20 foot tall size probably is a cause for some of the "eh" factor.

Gorgilla, the missing link, first appears in TALES TO ASTONISH #12 (below).

Gorgilla, a giant man-ape, is discovered by an expedition seeking the "missing link". Gorgilla then saves the explorers from a tyrannosaur and so, in appreciation, the group then decides to leave the island and never mention Gorgilla. Gorgilla, however, becomes curious about mankind and stows away on a ship bound for New York. Gorgilla stops an assassination attempt while in New York, but dies from a fall from the Statue of Liberty.

Later, it is revealed that the adventurer Doctor Druid had talked Gorgilla down from the Statue of Liberty and that he is later deposited on Monster Isle by the Fantastic Four and eventually undergoes a rehabilitation program, which involves him being shrunken down to human size and hypnotically stripped of his powers so as to allow him to enter human society. Gorgilla then becomes a window washer at the Baxter Building and a founding member of the Fin Fang 4.

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