Wednesday, October 4, 2017

TERROR TEE-VEE: A Countdown to Halloween (Day 4)

Today's Basil Gogos featured art.


This serial killer serial killer series was an interesting premise, although it had to walk a tightrope to maintain believability after a handful of seasons.  There were so many murders going on it’s a wonder there wasn’t more federal law enforcement intervention.

Nonetheless, the premise is that you have a young man who was clearly on the path to becoming a serial murderer whose father decides to steer in a certain direction.  He trains his son to murder only murderers by instilling in the young man a certain code that will allow him to do the killing he’s compelled to do while maintaining a semi-ethical code.

And so, as a forensics guy with the crime scene investigators, Dexter can steer police away from the real killer so as to allow what he and his father called his “Dark Passenger” to go hunting.

Because the series lasted eight seasons, it varies greatly in tone and quality season to season—this despite the cool, steady work of Michael C. Hall.  

The series is usually focused on a few killers a season, but occasionally it’s mainly one big bad killer for Dexter to take on.  And the series was never better than when John Lithgow portrayed a legendary baddie known as “The Trinity Killer”.  In tribute to his brilliant work, Rolling Stone named Lithgow’s character the 34th greatest TV villain of all time.

Netflix and Showtime have the entire run of the DEXTER series and they are, for the most part, a bloody fun watch.  But if I had to rewatch only one season of the series, it would be that fourth.  The Trinity Killer saga is the pinnacle of the show’s acting and storytelling and so the three episodes that get my highest recommendation are…

All I can show you here is a teaser for…
Season 4 Episode 4
“Dex Takes A Holiday”

And the tasty teaser for…
Season 4 Episode 9
“Hungry Man”

And finally, the finale teaser…
Season 4 Episode 12
“The Getaway”

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