Wednesday, October 18, 2017

TERROR TEE-VEE: A Countdown to Halloween (Day 18)


Taking Charles Addams’ morbid sense of humor where America wasn't quite ready for it—in the living room and loud enough for all ears to hear and eyes to see was The Addams Family.

The show aired for two seasons on ABC from September 18th of 1964 until April 8, 1966, for 64 episodes.  Vic Mizzy wrote the very recognizable theme for the show.

Very wealthy, endlessly enthusiastic and madly in love with his wife is Gomez Addams, played by John Astin.  Morticia, played by Carolyn Jones, is a very worldly, warm vamp in all skin tight black and long black hair.  Wednesday (Lisa Loring) and Pugsley (Ken Weatherwax) are their morbidly rambunctious children.  Jackie Coogan’s Uncle Fester and Blossom Rock was Grandma—each also kooky residents of the gloomy mansion at 0001 Cemetery Lane.  The very large and sedate Lurch, played superbly by Ted Cassidy, was their butler.  And then the real weirdos show up in a disembodied hand known as Thing and Cousin Itt, a walking hairball round out the cast.

Like The Munsters, the humor for this series comes from the clash of their personal culture with that of the  rest of the world.  Despite their ghoulish appearance and dark view on the world, they are nice people.

My Top 6 Choice Episodes
are as follows…

“The Addams Family Tree”
Season 1, Episode 5

“Halloween with the Addams Family”
Season 1, Episode 7

“Lurch Learns to Dance”
Season 1, Episode 13

“Amnesia in the Addams Family”
Season 1, Episode 22

“Lurch, the Teenage Idol”
Season 1, Episode 33

“Halloween—Addams Style”
Season 2, Episode 7


Caffeinated Joe said...

The episodes I've seen have been great, but this wasn't rerun a lot in my area when I was a kid, like The Munsters was. I need to give the whole series of nice good watch.

Gary Lee said...

The Munsters was more a kids show, being that it was less subtle, so that's why I liked it more. The Addams' I like more as an adult.