Saturday, October 29, 2016

Zach Tracks: A Countdown to Halloween (Day 28)

John Zacherle passed away a few days back.

Just a few years ago, my Countdown to Halloween featured "Horror Hosts" and, of course, Zacherley was one of the main focuses of that year's countdown.  Here's a link to the post featuring Zach:

Now that you're back, here are a few of John's songs, and appearances...

Southern Culture On The Skids with the great ghoul, Zacherley with the song “Sinister Purpose”

JOHN ZACHERLE’S laugh was the perfect creepy old ghoul laugh.  Deep, boisterous and somehow contained in a kind of upper class manner.  Oh, sure, he’d drink your blood, but he’d use a napkin to clean up with.  And speaking of drinking, here’s the #1 novelty hit from 1958:

In this heated political season, Zacherly’s campaign for President could be one to consider for those having trouble deciding between our current candidates…

On The Mike Douglas Show

Zach on What’s My Line?


Here’s 1950’s Rockabilly band The Flattops with “ROLAND ROCK”, a tribute to the Cool Ghoul hisownself…

And, with that i bid you…

good night, whatever you are!

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