Sunday, October 23, 2016

Naked Exorcism: A Countdown to Halloween (Day 23)


Beyond the terror of "The Exorcist," "The Amityville Horror" and "The Omen" lies a sadistic female demon called Haggia —THE POSSESSOR! When Peter-an archeology student-opens Haggia's cursed medallion, her spirit immediately takes control of him and begins a hellish assault on his loved ones. Peter's girlfriend Sherry, his sister and mother soon fall prey to Haggia's twisted carnal advances.
And when Peter undergoes the hideous sexual transformation into Haggia, his family has but one recourse: Brother Erasmo-The Exorcist. Before long, there ensues a frenzied battle between good and evil that escalates to a literally eye-popping, bloodcurdling climax that out-shocks "The Exorcist"!
Viewers beware: once THE POSSESSOR snatches your soul, you will never be the same!


Those two sounds always get my eyes and ears ready for a movie on video tape and, unfortunately for both, they did it for this film, too.  

Having experienced the movie that was “The Possessor”, I have to say that I very much disagree with the box on this one.  It doesn’t come close to the level that any of the other films mentioned were able to reach.  In fact, the possession itself was about as scary as that “Bicycle Man” episode of DIFFERENT STROKES.  Creepy, sure, but nothing to terrify one to their soul.

Still, it is a bit more than an Exorcist rip-off.  It has Satan worship and a secret history and that counts for something.  What it lacks it writing and budget and make-up and SFX and talent, it somewhat makes up for in enthusiasm.  They’re trying here, they’re swinging for the fences with what they’ve got… and what they’ve got is the budget of a small American television station from the mid-70s.

My Grade: “D”

May this VHS tap sit in a cool dark place, eager to be played, yet just out of reach of the memory of it's owner... where no one can ever find it.

Still, I urge you to check out the trailer…

But I REALLY urge you to check out the Full Moon (honest) trailer at this link:

And here are a few more thorough reviews of this fine film…

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