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We go all the way back to the early '70s to the days of the blaxploitation film, when horror films like BLACKULA, SUGAR HILL and DR. BLACK AND MR. HYDE.
Unfortunately, the Frankenstein legacy is not very well represented here.
Although, I will say this: it inspired a very funny skit on Saturday Night Live
that I've posted here for your enjoyment!

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BLACKENSTEIN (1973) or BLACK FRANKENSTEIN is a blaxploitation horror film  based loosely on Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN, was made in an attempt to cash in on the success of BLACKULA, which was released a year earlier by American International Pictures.  BLACKENSTEIN is considered one of the worst examples of the genre.

Eddie Turner lost all of his limbs in ‘Nam when he stepped on a land mine.  Dr. Winifred Walker, Eddie’s fiancee, has sought out help in the form of her former teacher and collegue Doctor Stein.  Stein has recently won a Nobel Peace Prize for “solving the DNA genetic code”.

Doctor Walker is introduced to Stein’s other patients in a tour of Doctor Stein’s home/laboratory: a ninety-year-old with the appearance of a fifty-year old and a Frenchman whose lower legs have been successfully re-attached with the help of Doctor Stein’s 
“DNA solution”.

She is startled when she notices that one of the Frenchman’s legs is tiger-striped.  Doctor Stein attributes it to “an unknown RNA problem” which he plans on correcting during further treatment.  Malcomb, his assistant, takes special note of her interest in this.

Eddie consents to the surgery that may correct his limblessness.

Dr. Stein gives Eddie new arms using his trademark 
DNA solution and Eddie seems to be doing fine.  Malcomb lets Dr. Walker know that he is attracted to her and she, then, explains that she plans to marry Eddie as soon as the surgeries are complete.  Malcomb, of course, then sabotages Eddies future surgeries by altering the DNA solution.

The result is that Eddie becomes a moaning, shamblin Monster similar to Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein.  He is compelled to kill and to continue to return for his treatment procedures, which amount to injections of more of the DNA solution.

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The police pay Doctor Stein a visit, but he is unaware there is a triple murdering Monster living in his basement.  By now, Doctor Walker is suspicious of Malcomb and sets out to examine the various solutions  in the lab.

Eddie, returning one night from one of his rampages, hears screaming coming from Winifred’s room.  He enters to find Malcomb attempting to rape his fiancee.  Malcomb runs from the room, retrieves a gun and fires it empty into Eddie as Winifred runs from the room screaming.  Eddie is unaffected by the gunshots.

Doctor Stein meets Winifred on the stairs, where she informs him that Eddie is the Monster who has been killing people.  They go into the lab together.

They are preparing medical equipment, perhaps sedatives, for Eddie.  When the Monster arrives, he is moved by her terror and backs away, remembering that she is his betrothed.  Doctor Stein then attacks him and, after a brief struggle, Eddie leaves.

The police arrive and console Doctor Walker and discover Doctor Stein’s body.

Eddie attempts to attack a brunette unsuccessfully chasing her around an abandoned warehouse.  The police arrive and have called on the canine unit.  Multiple dobermans surround Eddie and attack him and “eat” him.

Such an undignified way for any Monster to go down.




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