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Today, we venture into the strange world of Hanna-Barbera Animation to visit with a robot who carries the burden of the name... Frankenstein!

FRANKENSTEIN, JR. AND THE IMPOSSIBLES were a pair of Hanna-Barbera cartoons packed into a half hour of television programming for the CBS television network.  It premiered September 10, 1966.

Similar to many of the animation company’s efforts, this series was shortlived--ending after an 18 episode run.  Frankenstein Jr. is actually the name of the gigantic robot created by Professor Conroy for his  boy genius son Buzz Conroy--apparently he didn’t grasp that Frankenstein was the creator not the creation.

Set in Civic City, the adventures of young Buzz and Frankenstein, Jr. as they fight supervillains in the name of justice.  Buzz would activate his pal, “Frankie”, via an energy ring.  Frankenstein, Jr. is very similar in appearance to the very popular animated character GIGANTOR, who had a hit show at the time.

Frankie was voiced by Ted Cassidy (Lurch of THE ADDAMS FAMILY).  Buzz was voiced by Dick Beals, also famous for the voice of Chuck Jones’ Ralph Phillips for Warner Bros. and Davey of DAVEY & GOLIATH.

The target of complaints about violence in children’s television, the show was cancelled in 1968.

  1. Gold Key Comics released a single issue of FRANKENSTEIN JR. AND THE  IMPOSSIBLES in 1966 as a tie-in to the TV show.  The contents of it were reprinted in “The Impossibles Annual” by Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co. Ltd., in 1968 in the United Kingdom.
  2. In 1976, Space Ghost and Frankenstein Jr. were repackaged and combined together into a single cartoon series entitled SPACE GHOST/ FRANKENSTEIN JR. SHOW for NBC.
  3. Ted Cassidy also voiced the role of Ben Grimm aka The Thing in the 1978 FANTASTIC FOUR animated series and went on  to voice and announce for animated shows like GODZILLA, THE HULK, SUPER FRIENDS and voicing the opening narration of the 1970s THE INCREDIBLE HULK.
  4. FRANKENSTEIN JR. and THE IMPOSSIBLES is available via Warner Bros. and print  on demand.
  5. Frankenstein Jr. or “Frankie” as he is referred to by Buzz, stands 30 feet tall.

And now, some merchandise featuring Frankie Jr...

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And now, some art featuring FRANKENSTEIN JR.
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