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Randy Quaid is the Monster our spotlight shines on tonight.  The man who brought to life such creatures as Cousin Eddie in NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION pictures, Russell Casse from INDEPENDENCE DAY and FREAKS’ Elijah C. Skuggs also played the ultimate Monster in David Wickes’ adaptation of the Mary Shelley masterpiece.

Let us not forget that Randy Quaid is a brilliant actor--that he has been nominated for many awards for acting including Best Supporting Actor for THE LAST DETAIL--that he won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Made for TV Miniseries or motion picture for LBJ: THE EARLY YEARS.  He is no one trick pony and takes on as many character roles as he does leading ones.

Quaid’s Monster has what appears to be a lumpy, mostly bald skull and swirling burn scarring one side of his head and neck, with normal fleshtones.  He dresses himself in a canvas toga.  The main thing that  makes this Monster unique is that he shares a psychic link to his creator due to the nature of the creation process.  As one has experiences, the other suffers a similar, but lesser version of the same.

Patrick Bergin plays the Doctor Frankenstein, a celebrated, nearly worshipped scientist who has created a machine that he has passed himself through to create a kind of copy of himself in a brass and glass fluid-filled tank.  It’s a twisted copy and one that Frankenstein decides to give the spark of life to one evening after one of his students expresses doubts.  Victor was suffering cholera during the creation, so perhaps it explains the deformaties in the Monster.

Before the Doctor can follow, the Monster has walked out of his lab and onto the streets beyond, disappearing in a panicked sprint.  He quickly gets the experience that all of Frankenstein’s creations receive--rejection, violence and hatred.  And again, the creature gains understanding through that of a blind man.

When forced to leave the blind man he is drawn back to Frankenstein and his Elizabeth.  Tragedy ensues as it usually does.

Speaking of which, here’s the entire film divided into three parts as it aired on TNT...




And here are the websites of note for this article:

‘Frankenstein’ gained the highest ever audience ratings for TNT in the USA (72% cable audience share) and received 3 ACE nominations and 1 ACE Award.

“Nobody has ever done a Frankenstein like this one. And nobody’s ever done a better one.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“None of the previous Frankenstein films was as frightening as this.” WALL STREET JOURNAL

Michael Caine originally turned down the role of the Monster.

And now... this cool lamp!

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