Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Here we are on the 24th and we're buzzing right through examples of Frankenstein's Monster like a Texas Chainsaw Murderer with a strong sense of urgency!

However, life has intervened tonight and we will have to postpone our hunt for more Monsters of  heir Doctor!

Instead let me get back to one of the things we mentioned that we'd shine our spotlight on this time out of the gate: SCOOBY DOO!  More specifically, the Scooby Doo comic book series'.  And, truthfully, just the cover images of some of those issues.
And, of those, our favorite issues alone


Strange wishes granted--nothing scary there, right?

The red totally makes this one pop--nice work.
Why not include Velma on the left?

Fun cover--paint the sky purple or dark blue and you've got a better image.

Great cover featuring the whole gang.
Fiery Hoo-Doo!

Would watch that "Triple Thriller" any day--Shaggy?

Bad coloring!

One of my favorite Scooby covers as it is stark and scary and features the Ghost of Dracula!

Odd and creepy and GASP 70's rock!

Ghostly Governor?  But isn't that Lincoln?  And no Shaggy?

Spiffy cover, very expressive and a creepy as heck Mummy--and yet no

Gotta love the Creep.
Fine job incorporating all those baddies.
A fine cover image, too bad the trade dress gets in the way of other potential
Scooby Gang members.
Dude, that's just creepy... or The Question versus Scooby Doo?

Would've been more effective without the fade effect on the witch and background.

The Silver Surfer attacks Fred!

Fraidy cats afraid of their own reflections.

Nice work on this cover, the drawing on the Marvel covers is some of the best of the Scooby covers,
but the trade dress gets in the way of the potential composition.

Spiffy art, but the trade dress continues to crowd the cover.

Givin' the dog a bone...

This baddie has chosen a more direct method of scaring off the kids--for good!

Love the look of this ghoulish villain.

A witch who is a great gambler?  Sure...

Nice layout and yet we are missing our Velma...

Loads of wackiness here as Fred and Daphne seem hypnotized, Shaggy is panicking,
Scooby is shocked and, again, Velma is missing
(I always wonder what happened to the missing Scooby gang member)!

Awkward layout on this one, but nice expressions.

Great expressions here as the bearded old cuss could be the Ghost
or merely the teller of the tale of the Ghost of Grimsby Hall! 
Classic villain great comic moment of Scooby finding his bone and an apple in the chest of
a pissed off haunted suit of armor.

Weird concept, strange cover.

Neat perspective shot and great sense of foreboding with the weather and the dark house lurking on the shore--
I may have to find a better image of this one.

Love the classic Scooby imagery here--
if the blue were black this would've framed up much better.

More imprortanly: What lurks in the island's cave?!??!
Well, there you have it.

And here's what TCM's up to tonight:
Wednesday, October 24, 2012

8pm - THE RAVEN (1963)


11pm - THE BLACK CAT (1934)


1:45am - TELL-TALE HEART (1941)

2:15am - SPIRITS OF THE DEAD (1969)

4:30am - DEAD MEN WALK (1943)

And so it goes...

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