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Let's just say there were Technical Difficulties last night so that the Countdown had to skip a day.  We think we've cleared the gremlins out of the wires and can get back to our regularly scheduled Horror Host...

Crematia Mortem hosted “Creature Feature” from a large wicker chair on a darkened set for Kansas City’s KSHB Channel 41 from 1981-1988.  The show was also seen via cable television in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Roberta Solomon, a voice artist and news announcer, was the woman behind the spooky woman.  Crematia was an 800 year old “Ghostess with the Mostest” had long black hair, pale skin, wore a black dress with a purple corset.  Her voice was, in part, very Bette Davis.

Her show maintained a lightly dark Addams Family style in tone.  And with a tiny budget, creativity was a valuable commodity.  She would put a camera on a wall and have a conversation with the person she’d walled up in it.  She’d wear dinosaur slippers and stomp through a toy city while a Godzilla movie played.

Other characters populating the show were Dweeb and Rasputin (voiced by Paul Murphy, who also narrated the opening “Lock the door.  Turn out the lights.  It’s time for the Creature Feature [evil laugh]”).  Crematia’s sister Cremora (Kathy McGuckin); her mother, Desiree (C. Wayne Owens); and strange old cousin Henry (Steve Bell) also visited Crematia’s spooky castle home.

Roberta still does commercial voice work through “Voice Gal, Inc.”, her production company.  She also appears regularly as part of the sketch comedy program, “Right Between the Ears” on NPR, Sirius and XM.

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