Wednesday, October 1, 2014


And here we go again!

If you are unfamiliar with the Countdown to Halloween, let me catch you up.
There is a community of bloggers out there who celebrate the season by dedicating their blogs, twitters, tweets, tumblrs and even their facebooks to the entire month of October
 and the great finale of it, HALLOWEEN.

And you are currently viewing one of those blogs.

Each and every day of this month, I'll be here with some new Halloween... THING.
Most likely multiple things as I like to overdo it most of the time.
I figure why throw a grenade when you can throw three grenades to make sure you hit something.

Well this year my main focus will be Horror Hosts--those fine and dedicated broadcasters who took to the airwaves to broadcast macabre movies out to all the kiddies and insomniacs out there who wanted more than just a movie with their cereal or tv dinners!  Those people who watch the flawed film alongside us and point out faults and follies while getting just as big a thrill as we do at home!

From the Cool Ghoul to Penny Dreadful, from The Advisor to Zacherley, from Vampira to Dr. Scar, from The Creep to Bob Burns, from Elvira to Deadly Earnest (all three of them!) I'll be giving you the lowdown on some of the most celebrated hosts of horror to ever reach the air.  It'll be educational for you and me as I'm learning as I go as much as I knew before--and more!

So stay tuned, kiddies, and don't cover your eyes!

You wouldn't want to miss the gore!

It's the 60th anniversary of
I will do something this month featuring my favorite creature.
He is, after all, the most persecuted of all the Universal Monsters...
the poor guy just wants a girlfriend and the world just keeps getting in his way.
Stupid air-breathers.

Now I leave you with three pictures of a creature that never was,
never will be,
and yet IS...

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