Friday, September 3, 2010


Began the usual introduction to the MAN-THING in the old Marvel comics. You see, anything that knows fear burns at the hands or touch of the Man-Thing! So, unless you're Daredevil, the man without fear, you're screwed. He premiered from Marvel Comics Group very close to the time that their Distinguished Competition debuted Swamp Thing. Both had the same man trapped in the body of a monster theme, only Man-Thing seemed pretty much mindless--wandering into a different human drama every month. Wasn't that fortuitous for the series?

He has a more distinctive look to him than Swamp Thing does, mainly due to his huge hump back on top of which sits the strangest head of any creature walking the nine worlds. Imagine three thick green ropey vines dangling around two huge ruby red orb eyes and you get the gist of him.

So somebody over at deviantart brought up Man-Thing as the subject of the day's challenge a few days ago and this is what I came up with first:

OUT OF THE FOG by ~Ragnaroker on deviantART

And this was second:

I COME FROM THE WATER by ~Ragnaroker on deviantART

And finally:

GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING by ~Ragnaroker on deviantART

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