Sunday, September 12, 2010


I suppose any comics fan who keeps his eyes trained to these www thingies knows by now that pictures are leaking of the CAPTAIN AMERICA film. You've probably seen them, but have you seen them THE GOODS way? Here we go kids:

Below we have some hep cat tooling around Europe (we assume) in his roadster and it is a spiffy ride. Considering the hat and the advanced look of the car I'll assume we are seeing the automobile of a high-ranking Nazi (Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Baron Von Strucker, or even Hitler hisownself). Odd, though, that there are no swastika flags... hmm.

One of the things that tips off the Nazi roadster looks to be his escorts, a couple of killer motorcycles that look like they came out of the Batcave:

And here we have the star of the show riding quite the sporty Army motorcycle, which we can only hope has some kind of tricked out gizmos so that our fair hero has a shot at keeping up with the Fuhrer's fellows:

Below, we see some technical folks getting things ready for the shoot, while Cap awaits the order to follow that Nazi. Meanwhile, note the cool holster for the rifle on the front of his bike:

Finally, we see just how excited Captain America is to join in the fight against Nazis, that or he's happy to see his assistant:

But seriously, folks, I really had my doubts about this look for Captain America. The drawings of it made it look much too modern for WW2--meaning that it didn't look in step with the military garb of the time and, more importantly, as faithful to Captain America's look as it should. Here on film, on a dude, it actually looks plausible. I wish it were a darker blue, but it may show up on screen darker. I wish the two red stripes on the front of his uniform didn't look like (and actually function as) some sort of suspenders. I truly would hate it if I were thinking in my head the whole film: "LarryKingLarryKingLarryKing..."

As is the case with THOR, I will wait and see more so that I can be prejudiced against it more accurately as we get closer to opening day for the film.


Jeff W. said...

Either Cap is happy to see his assistant or he's found the worst hiding space ever for the Cosmic Cube.

Gary Lee said...

Shh, don't tell the Red Skull!