Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The year 1994: From out of space comes a runaway planet, hurtling between the Earth and the Moon, unleashing cosmic destruction. Man's civilization is cast in ruin.

Two thousand years later, Earth is reborn...

A strange new world rises from the old: a world of savagery, super science, and sorcery. But one man bursts his bonds to fight for justice! With his companions Ookla the Mok and Princess Ariel, he pits his strength, his courage, and his fabulous Sunsword against the forces of evil.

He is Thundarr, the Barbarian!


If you don't get it, then you don't GET it!

Since links don't seem to work here, here's the the address:,default,pd.html?AID=10811526&PID=3821628

Apparently, it is exclusive to the WB Shop, so... go, watch, exclaim: DEMON DOGS!


Jeff W. said...

Use SCIFI25 in the checkout code and you'll get an extra 25% off. And if you order in adept, it's free shipping. It came out around $24 for me.

Gary Lee said...

Doh! I ordered as soon as I saw it so no discount. Thanks for the tip anyway! You are wise to order it, lest Thundarr suspect you are a Wizard!

Anonymous said...

It took me a while to search on the net, only your site open up the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

- Laura