Sunday, November 15, 2009


Me and the Mego Thor Action Figure. This picture was taken by my Aunt Sandra at her home, probably her son’s birthday party (my cousin David is seated to the right). It was some time after 1976 (as they released Mego Thor that year and I was older than 4 here) and my family was in the local JC Penny when we came upon this Thor action figure. Trouble was, there was also a Mego Conan. I’d never seen either of them before in all my visits to local department stores and here there were the two that I wanted the most. Spider-Man was a dime a dozen, Capain America was as common as clay, Batman and Superman were like glass. And both Thor and Conan were as hard to find as gold. I could only get one. At the time, I remember being torn about the decision. I really did like Thor more, so it wasn’t that hard a decision to make, but I do regret having to leave behind the barbarian. Crom frowned upon me that day. However, Odin smiled. As did I.

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I remember it well, I do, I do!