Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monsters in the Mighty Marvel Manner

This is my idea of a panel from a typical battle between the Marvel heroes' greatest modern monsters, the Thing and the Hulk.

These two are, creations of the Lee/Kirby partnership created when Marvel was transitioning from the typical 50's style monster comics to the renewed popularity of adventurers and super-heroes. Great monsters because of their designs, great characters because of their personalities.

Characters copyright Marvel Comics. Piece of art created by me during my spare moments at home and work on a piece of packing cardboard using Sharpies and ink pens.


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in my personal opinion this fight between these two monster already have a winner, who? easy the hulk why? because the strength of the thing are limited, otherwise hulk have a unlimited force while more angry more powerful become.

Gary Lee said...

I always give the Thing a slugger's chance to catch the Hulk off-guard even if the Hulk has him overpowered.