Monday, October 19, 2015

COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN (Day 19): "It's Midnight..."

The time of night when supernatural beings are at the height of their power—when creatures such as demons, ghosts and witches are about and black magic is best cast is known as the “Witching Hour”.  This time is usually thought of as Midnight” in modern times, but in the past Three o’Clock was considered this time due to it being exactly 12 hours opposite of the time of Christ’s death.

DC Comics’ THE WITCHING HOUR comic book ran for nearly ten years from the late 1960s to the late 1970s, a total of 85 issues, which was a pretty good run as far as horror anthologies go during that time period.  Stories in the book were introduced by three witches, based on Macbeth’s Weird Sisters: Morded, Mildred and Cynthia.  Mother, Maiden and Crone were all represented—the triumvirate of womanhood.

As a result of the “DC Implosion” (due to low sales, DC cancelled more than two-dozen titles at once—it was part of the scare of the time across the industry that had many predicting the end of the American comic book), the title was merged with another anthology, THE UNEXPECTED.

The series gave us some pretty nifty tales, but what I’m going to concentrate on this evening is the beautiful cover art some issues had—lots of it featuring Nick Cardy, one of DC’s all-time greats!  Enjoy the spooks...

And as for the music I leave you with tonight, it's The Kinks and their story of...
"Wicked Annabella"

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