Tuesday, October 13, 2015

COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN (Day 14): Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet... I'm Hunting Witches!

As part of the Catholic Counter-Reformation Balthasar von Dernbach, the prince and abbot of the mystical town of Fulda in Germany, was a notorious witch hunter who embarked on the Fulda Witch Trials in order to cleanse the area, which lasted between 1603 and 1606.  Dernbach was a fanatic who, upon re-election after a long exile launched his mission from god to purge the land of all things liberal and thus unnatural.

Here's Balthasar von Dernbach--Witch-hunter and douchebag!

Merga Bien was a wealthy, thrice married German heiress of two husbands.  She murdered her second husband and her children with him, and attended Sabbaths held by Satan. Or at least that’s what she was forced to confess while being tortured in prison. She was pregnant, but that didn’t save her from execution, as the court believed she was carrying a baby fathered by the Devil.  You see, she'd been married to her third husband for 14 years without having a child by him and this added credibility to the claim that fornication with Satan was responsible.

The place where all the suspected witches were kept prisoner awaiting their day on the fire.

The Fulda Witch Trials led to the execution of 250 suspects over three years. Merga Bien was the most famous of them all, and the first to be burned alive at the stake.  The witch hunts in Fulda only ended after Dernbach died in 1605 and his government was dissolved.

The memorial to the witches killed after history decided better of Fulda's trip down fanatic lane.

And now, two songs fit for an evening of witchfinding... first up is Rush with their tune
"Witch Hunt"

 And here's Queens of the Stone Age with
"Burn the Witch"

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