Friday, September 13, 2013


Wanted to put River Tam in an action pose in these two sketches, but in the first one she seems a little too zen and medicated.  I like the pose, not necessarily the weapons, but it has a good sense of movement frozen, so that's something.
Anyway, click on it for enlargement purposes,
otherwise keep your cursor to yourselves!

This second one had the weirdness about River correct, but there wasn't enough baddie interaction and all of her fury directed at one person wouldn't suffice.  Again, not a bad sense of angelic danger moving around athletically...
Click her for a closer look...

Here we have an example of when a sketch goes as planned and comes out the other end looking
better than I'd planned it.  My first attempt at drawing the Vulture felt right!
Click to enjoy bigger baldness, oldie attitude, and that freshly applied coat of Ben Gay!

Marv being Marv, protecting Katie from the hard-core element, even though he's well beyond the hardest of any guy to ever visit the bar.  Really wanted to get the light and dark right on this one and I think it works as a panel pretty well.
Click it for an enhanced look at the shading and the magic place Marv's left arm disappears to.


Ol' Steeljack from Kurt Busiek's ASTRO CITY sure was fun to draw and I think it showed in this sketch of the guy.  Metal skin and the looks of Robert Mitchum and you have this guy down.
Ended up creating a scene in which a mother and child are being saved from a fire.
Click for a closer look at this inferno of sketchery!

Sometimes you force a not-so-good layout to work, when it would be best to leave things as they are and move on to the next attempt.  That's what should've been done below, with Thundra.
I do like how the lower half of her body came out, but the upper needs work.
Click to enhance your experience!

That concludes this session of sketchbook scans, in my attempt to move things that have been piling up on my desktop here on the computer... until then, think about what you did!

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