Saturday, September 14, 2013


I was a big fan of the cartoon DUNGEONS & DRAGONS when I was a kid and so I've been occasionally sprinkling in the characters from it in the DSC for my own pleasure.  The thing is, I've never drawn these fellas before, so it's kind of fun to finally interpret them in my own style, even if it is only in brief sketches. 
Here we have Diana, the Acrobat.  A bit impulsive, but a solid leader in the group.  Her magic item was a staff.
Give her a click for a closer look.

I didn't love the look of Catwoman once Darwin Cooke and Ed Brubaker got ahold of her, but it quickly grew on me.  Occasionally I'll see if I can take it out for a spin.  Certainly, her comics were never more compelling than when Brubaker inserted the Black Mask. 

Probably the sketchiest of these sketches is Elektra, who I normally have a better hold of when it comes to portraying her.  Not this time, regardless of the fact that the pose is great, as I have screwed up her proportions a bit.  Still, the pose is neat and that is what I'll take away from it.
If you dare to touch Ms. Natchios, do so with care to view her more up close and personal.

Probably my first portrayal of Kang in pencil as, in the past, he'd never been a favorite.  His uniform is quite complicated and I'm pretty sure I didn't quite get his block-head blocky enough, but it's a solid first effort.  The pose was challenging too, which always makes one of these things more interesting.
Dare to lay cursor on Kang at your own risk for an embiggened look at the world conqueror!

In my last sketch selection, I neglected to post this final piece I outlined for River Tam, the strange teen from SERENITY and FIREFLY.  Joss' little cat-like character is literally on a duct somewhere in the ship, which is common enough for her.
Click to get a bigger look at her, just hope she doesn't have one of her violent episodes when you do!

TORPEDO, I believe, is a Spanish comic drawn by one Jordi Bernet, a brilliant artist in the best Toth style, with all the traits of a Kubert and even hints of Buscema.  It's about a hit man who does just that.
Click for a tighter shot of the killer.

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