Friday, October 28, 2011


Tonight on TCM there are featured several stories of sinister siblings

8:00 pm – Dead Ringer (1964)
10:00 pm – The Black Room (1935)
11:15 pm – The Other (1972)
1:00 am – Dead Men Walk (1943)
2:15 am – Motel Hell (1980)
4:00 am – 10 Rillington Place (1971)
6:00 am – The Two Mrs. Carrolls (1947)

At 8pm Bette Davis stars in the duel roles of twin sisters in DEAD RINGER, a dark tale of twisted sisters... and the even more twisted tale that is spun...

Boris Karloff plays twin brothers in THE BLACK ROOM, one who kills his beloved brother to take over the family kingdom. But then there's that strange prophecy should this evil occur...

THE OTHER is Thomas Tryon's tale of twin farm boys who get up to no good playing a game their grandmother Ada taught them. That's when people start showing up dead. The trailer:

DEAD MEN WALK focuses on George Zucco in the twin roles of the good Dr. Lloyd Clayton and Elwyn, his dark arts practicing twin brother. Having died of a fall, Elwyn returns from the grave as a vampire to accuse his brother of his own murder. He then vows revenge on his good brother.

Here's the whole dang film:

MOTEL HELL is the simple story of siblings Vincent and Ida who injure and capture folks so that they may be harvested and slaughtered later for use in Vincent's roadside diner. What complicates matters is when Vincent falls for one of their would-be victims and Ida isn't very pleased. Le Trailer:

10 RILLINGTON PLACE features the brilliant acting of both John Hurt as Tim Evans an unassuming hard worker whose wife has just become pregnant with their third child with they cannot afford and Richard Attenborough as John Christie, owner/operator of a set of apartment buildings and serial murderer.

THE TWO MRS. CARROLLS features Humphrey Bogart as a murderous husband. Not sure this one qualifies as horror, but it is a suspense thriller so it's close enough for me... here's the trailer.

And there we have it. Enjoy the duality of the day...

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