Saturday, October 29, 2011



9:30 am – Doctor X
In which cannibalistic murders are popping up all over the city as investigators try to discover the culprit before the next victim falls...

1:45 pm – Godzilla, King Of The Monsters
Toxicity breeds mother nature's revenge as the king of monsters comes up from the depths to wreak havoc in Japan!

8:00 pm – Cat People
A woman fears her sexual lust will lead to her transformation into a vengeful cat... and so do we!

9:30 pm – Martin Scorsese Presents: Val Lewton: The Man In The Shadows
Perfect title for a master of putting the negative spaces to as much or more use than most have for the positive ones.

11:00 pm – The Body Snatcher
A desperate Doctor uses a thug to obtain bodies to further his medical knowledge with little care as to where or why the bodies remain in such a steady and convenient supply.

12:30 am – Isle Of The Dead
Quarantined to an island during a deadly plague and war, rumors of a vampiric demon begin to spread among the fearful. The tension builds as a General attempts to visit the mausoleum in which his wife lies and finds it empty.

2:00 am – Bedlam
A young protege to Lord Mortimer is interested in the conditions at a notorious asylum nicknamed 'Bedlam', but when she tries to bring forth changes, she finds herself committed there by Master Sims (Boris Karloff). Will she escape or suffer there for an eternity?

3:30 am – The Seventh Victim
A young woman investigates why her sister has gone missing and stumbles into the rituals and actions of a satanic cult in Greenwich Village.

5:00 am – Ghost Ship
When a third mate calls his new Captain on his cruelty, as murders and disappearances run rampant during a voyage, he realizes he may be the next victim.

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