Friday, August 5, 2011


So a new SUPERMAN movie is in the works and they've gone and mucked with the outfit again. Looks like he's wearing Captain America-type scales, his chest emblem is a molded shield, he has no red britches and he's lost the "S" shape in his hair. Let's examine these things one by one...

The scaly texture is more apparent than it was on the last movie and thus, not a good thing. However, it is definitely not a deal-breaker.

The molded "S" shield, again, like the last film's take on the character just seems strange--kind of Power Ranger-ish even. I don't like it, didn't like it on the old outfit, don't like it here. Seems too plastic/rubbery.

Unless he's been knocked out of them in this picture, he seems to have no red tights on the outside of his outfit and so he is one less layer from showing us some superbits we don't want to see (well, maybe some of us do?). Not a good thing at all, as noted by many comic book artists--those red britches break up the blue color scheme and add balance to the overall look of the character. In other words, he looks like he's missing something vital!

I'll throw in here that it may be that there are some extra details such as armor lines hidden in these shadows that we don't see (I kind of do see something above his belt and on his right thigh). Proof that DC had Jim Lee base the new Supes look on the film? Perhaps.

The "S"uper spitcurl is missing, but I won't dwell on that as it is such a minor thing and who knows if it'll show up in some scenes or not.

I like the cape--somewhat long if one really looks, but it seems smooth and red and flowing over his shoulders as it should.

I like the boots--the general shape and look of them is classic, though it does appear the scaling continues even there.

I like the look of the actor--what you want to see in a Superman are natural good looks, dark hair and a good physique.

I like the look of this photo--well shot, dramatically lit, serious as a heart attack Superman.

Overall, nothing here that shakes the world, but a good indication of what we can expect when we look up in the sky for the Man of Steel in the coming year.

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