Sunday, August 7, 2011


Above you have one of those ballpoint pen drawings that I occasionally doodle while sitting around bored or when I'm feeling expressive. Just a quick 10 minute whirl of the pen and I'm done, easy as pie. No need to be specific or highly detailed, the gist is there. But, as is always the case, the little things start to nag at an artist, any artist and the flaws start to assert themselves over even the parts of the doodle I really like.

One of my main problems is the female face, I often draw it as rough and tumble as the male faces--not a guy's face on a female body, but a rough and overly expressive face. Like in reality, subtlety works best with women. And so I try to tone down those exaggerated aspects that I often find myself drifting back into. BTW, now I've gone and put Ivy into Photoshop and have completed my normal quickish coloring job. But then I noticed that I hadn't quite turned down the power of the face to where I wanted.

Finally, we have the finished file. I scrapped the entire face and digitally reconstructed it with the much less harsh colors of Photoshop than the ballpoint. So, a little progress. I'll take it. And it certainly doesn't hurt that she's nekkies.

Click on either of the three lasses to enlarge for a closer look. Seriously, do it. Do it. No, do it...

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