Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The true voice of THE LONE RANGER died today. Fred Foy the voice of the series first on radio and then on television passed away today at age 89. His voice, it's power and earnestness, was unforgettable. To this day it sends shivers up this boy's spine to hear him tear through the opening riff of the last surviving western from my childhood. We would still thrill to the adventures of those characters into the late '70s as they aired locally through that time. It was magic. Check out the below for a taste of that magic one last time...

Fred Foy also did great voice work for other shows such as The Green Hornet and how perfect is that considering the relationship between the two characters. Later he went on to announce The Dick Cavett Show.

He will be missed, his voice will live forever.
As a side note, check out The Late Show with David Letterman this Thursday night for the annual retelling of, perhaps, the greatest story about the man who played the Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore) by broadcaster/actor Jay Thomas. It is a tradition in my house and should be in yours as well.

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