Sunday, December 26, 2010


We here at The Goods try so hard to collect material for you, the home viewer, over the year that we have a bunch of leftover stuffing and we decided it's best to unload it all here instead of having to carry it to the dump.
Here's the holiday hold-overs:

JJ aka Kid Dynomite brings home a tree only Charlie Brown could envy.

Layout of a Disney image from "The Night Before Christmas".

George Jefferson reluctantly takes up the role of Santa.

The Hoff prepares for along winter's book burning.

Land-sakes, Uncle Jesse and Daisy Duke are being held up by a trio of Santa Clauses!

The Marvel Heroes wish you all a Merry Christmas.

The Beverly Hillbillies come down to a white Christmas in their mansion and Granny wonders how all that snow got inside.

Batman sends a seasonably gay message to his nemesis.

Samantha seems "BEWITCHED" by this chimney while helping Santa.

The Brady kids wish you a happy Holidays.

Volstag plays Santa while Jane and Thor share a moment in the foreground in this Samnee drawing.

Merry Christmas from the Marvel Family!

Gary Coleman asks Santa "What you talkin' 'bout?!"

Batman swears vengeance upon the fat man with the beard!

Young Ricky Schroeder says happy new year!

All I know is that kid is happy to get that gun for xmas!

Elvira fears bears much the same way Stephen Colbert do.

Redd Foxx is KING PIMP!

Nancy Reagan and Mr. T get friendly under the mistletoe...

That's all for now...

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