Saturday, November 15, 2014

COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN (Day -15): Expired Candy Part 2

And lo there came the hoary hosts of horror comics continued...

"Mr. I.M. Dead" of Charlton's GHOSTLY TALES followed closely by...

"Mr. L. Dedd" of the same book (by the great Ditko)!

Next Charlton's HAUNTED was hosted by a ghostly white superhero figure called "Impy", but after this fella didn't work out...

"Baron Weirwulf" was brought in and the title of the book changed to BARON WEIRWULF'S HAUNTED LIBRARY.

Famous for Steve Ditko's involvement with the title, THE MANY GHOSTS OF DOCTOR GRAVES featured host "Dr. M.T. Graves" who bore a resemblance to Ditko's other creation for Marvel Comics Doctor Strange.

Meanwhile, over at DC Comics HOUSE OF MYSTERY was hosted by the darker half of the children of Adam and Eve... "Cain".

It's sibling title, HOUSE OF SECRETS, was hosted by "Abel", Cain's more nervous and humorous brother.

MIDNIGHT TALES was hosted by "Professor Coffin" AKA "The Midnight Philosopher" who seemed to have a dry sense of humor.

Cain, Abel and Eve hosted the funnies in PLOP! as portrayed here by Sergio Aragones!

The "Countess R.H. Von Bludd" hosted SCARY TALES for Charlton--putting a sexy vampiric spin on the proceedings.

And over in the UK, they had SCREAM!, a horror mag that sported the above trio of hosts: The Leper, Ghastly McNasty and The Night Comer.

SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE got kind of crowded as not two, not three, but four hosts were in use!  These were Cain, Abel, Eve and Destiny... a few too many cooks in the kitchen?

And, besides, "Eve" had her own mag to host... SECRETS OF SINISTER HOUSE, which was quite charming.

And speaking of charming, there is this rather kindly librarian named "Lucien" who hosted TALES OF GHOST CASTLE for a bit for DC.

And since it seems as if DC had a stranglehold on horror-hosted comics, the above was THE WITCHING HOUR as hosted by "The Three Witches".  And those three ladies also sometimes hosted THE UNEXPECTED--as did the "Mad Mod Witch" (below) and "Abel" (pictured below the Mad Mod Witch with Goldie the Dragon).

WEIRD MYSTERY TALES had both Destiny and Eve as hosts and Jack Kirby contributed "Doctor E. Leopold Maas" (Below) as a third host.

Lastly, for DC comics was WEIRD WAR TALES and the scariest host of all... "Death" itself!

That, at least, concludes DC's extensive number of Horror Hosts!

In part three we will finish off this list with some interesting entries from DC's distinguished competition...

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Edtonner said...

Alex Toth's witches were always my favoutite. I have a soft spot for Impy as well.