Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Seven more sketches and in about a day's time--I might post more this month than any other month this year!

This one is not so much a sketch as an partially inked version of the drawing below it--
for a better look give it a click and watch it blow up real good!

Sketch of the above--the plan is to have HB in a footprint of a big ol' monster in the Godzilla mold, perhaps the King of the Monsters himself!

The below is a shot of HB entering a dark attic, gun drawn, aware that danger awaited!

Really just wanted to draw an old-school version of the Hulk as I like to see him...

The Herculoids' Igoo, everybody, throwing his rock-like poo!

Hornhead hovers over an alley, stalking prey in his Kitchen.

Ahnold's version of the cybernetic killing machine (my interpretaion anyway)/

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