Saturday, December 1, 2012


Like the fantastic advertisements for Keystone beer a few years back that featured my favorite alcohol-related character of all time (Keith Stone), this ad campaign has spoken to me in some strange way.

If I were a liquor man, I'd be a Southern Comfort candidate as of seeing
this commercial for the very first time:


It is brilliant in its singular purpose of making that man the viewer and making the viewer WANT to be that man!  Carefree and happy to be who he is, burgundy swim trunks and penny loafers on a beach and all!  He is who he is and enjoy the view ladies and gentlemen!  Or so he seems to think.

There is one other thing that this commercial taps into that I'm almost certain they weren't intending to make a connection to and that is old-school RASSLIN' or wrestling for the uninitiated.

You see, this guy looks an awful lot like he BELONGS in a wrestling family... one that is legendary, one that dominated a period of wrestling alongside a few other greats by being half of the greatest quartet of all time: THE FOUR HORSEMEN.

I'm talking of the Anderson family, of which there was Ole and Arn and this Southern Comfort ad fellow seems like he should be right in that family, the younger brother with the looks of Arn and the brains of Ole.


Same trunks, same build, maybe a little bit more tanned, but he's in there.

And lest we forget the oldest Anderson brother, Gene... alongside Ole earlier.

Gene may be a little further away in the gene pool, but that familial sense of fashion clearly started with him!

Nonetheless, the Southern Comfort man proudly carries on the tradition!

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