Monday, November 12, 2012


Whenever October ends, I go through a kind of lull as the bestest holiday of the season has already passed and it just seems like an ending.
Which is the point of Halloween, in a big kind of way, I suppose.

Anyway, just gathering the energy to start posting again and figured a good place to start is where I left off:
that thar Frankenstein monster feller!

Some unposted sketches that I figured would develop into final pieces that pretty-much just stayed sketches...

(These sketches were just too big for the scanner, but you get the gist.)
(This is where you can see the torch in the monster's hand--fire not so bad!)
(You can tell I fell in love with this profile of the creature and that black hair as described by Shelley
and perfected by Wrightson.  Here the monster carries a club and strangles a magistrate or official.)
Well that's all for now, back soon as I expect to have time to sketch again shortly.

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