Friday, July 13, 2012


When considering the possibilities of how to portray a battle between two characters in a single image or scene, I like to consider the finale of such a battle.  It is, after all, the result of said
battle and is one of the most important parts.

When thinking on an obvious lopsided battle, the finale becomes the more important because of the "how".  Surely we all know this was the inevitable outcome, but here is exactly how
it actually went down...etc.

So when it came down to Darkseid and Carnage in a Character Battle Royale that I was a 
participant in, it was too easy to imagine the many possibilities of the Lord of Apocalypse
destroying the tiresome Spider-Man villain and Venom also-ran.

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I can always go "Omega Beams!" with Darkseid, but for a character such as this, I think that a
simple physical act should do the trick and what better way than removing the guy's head from
his shoulders.  Simple and to the point.

(I love how Carnage's hand comes up yearning to free himself even when his head's gone!)

But then I got to thinking about how a touch of comedy can lighten the dark mood of a 
piece of art featuring a beheading.  And so I came up with this...

(That's supposed to be Spidey being held up by Darkseid, looking down on the corpse of Carnage.)

(Found my angle with the above sketch,
Darkseid holding up Carnage's face to Spidey while asking the question:
"Why is it that your enemies keep attacking me, Spider?")

(Expanded it on the computer to show Spidey reacting to Darkseid's question with:
"That's what I ask myself every day!")

I ended up not going with the above as it was a little too unfocused on Carnage, so
I decided on the direct approach again.  Though this time in the middle of the act itself!

(Drew the above on packing cardboard from work with a ballpoint.)

(Cleaned up a bit in photoshop and tilted (always the fun part))

(Cleaned up more and Carnage's arm has been repositioned into more a defensive pose.)

(And the digital inking begins.)

(Digital inking for the figures nearly done.)

(Here we join the coloring process nearly completed.)

(And now we have the finished product!)

And, just so you know, the battle continues over at...