Friday, June 22, 2012


And so the battles in OUTCAST STUDIOS CHARACTER BATTLE ROYALE continue and I'm still around after all this time.  After getting defeated soundly in my first bout even!  But it's hard to keep a Jack Kirby created God of Evil down and so DARKSEID has killed his way to the semifinals.

And there awaited the winner of one of the few other BATTLE ROYALE's OUTCAST STUDIOS has ever held, the guy in charge of the ART of WAR forum hisownself, NATE.  His character is Norman Osborn as the Iron Patriot.

For this battle, I had numerous ideas, endless images, a torrent of tattooed tales told in a fevered race to try and find the perfect scene for my portrayal of the showdown.  Here are a series of images that flashed through my brain (click any image for a better/bigger look):

After a while of this, I had enough images and a possible sense that I could cobble together a bit of sequential art as the way to incorporate many of these ideas into my final piece.  Little did I know how much work I was cutting out for myself... here's the final result
(again, for a decent look, click to embiggen):

Well there you go.

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