Monday, December 12, 2011


Always loved that title for a CALVIN & HOBBES collection--it implies so much about how big a single day could be when you are a kid. And CALVIN & HOBBES is all about being a kid. Bill Watterson is a genius humorist and cartoonist. And that was what took his strip far above and beyond the other strips of its day--it was great all around. Whereas you'll have one strip look good artistically, it didn't have it when it came to the writing and vice versa when it came to art--in Watterson's strip you find the perfect combination of a cartoonist at the peak of his powers artistically and as a writer.

And so I dreaded it when the challenge came forth to draw these characters. I couldn't settle on the sketch I wanted to do... so I wound up doing a study of one of his strips and panel from a scene in which Hobbes stalks Calvin like the red-blooded jungle cat that he is...

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