Saturday, August 7, 2010


Figured that I might as well dump out the photos about the 2011 THOR film that I've accumulated so that I can move on to other subjects, so here goes:

Above we have concept art for the film, your classic Thor versus Loki imagery.

Probably the money shot of the preview photos we've seen so far--grasping Mjolnir in an attempt to prove himself worthy.

The above has Thor looking up to his father, the All-Father, Odin.

Here we have an establishing shot of the throne room of Asgard (click on these photos for a better look). Odin at his throne (which looks quite a bit like it could be a sword's hilt--the Odinsword?), Loki and Frigga to the left, Hogun and Fandral to the right (where is Volstag?) and Thor kneeling at the bottom of the steps. Very big hall. We see Loki's helmet and everyone else is without theirs, though it looks like Thor might be holding his under his arm.

Someone has altered the previous photo and pulled these two sides of the royal court together for a closer look.

Finally, we have the biggest mystery of the THOR film to date--the Infinity Gauntlet. Not really a Thor storyline that involves this powerful item, but I'm thinking it may have something to do with either the Captain America or Avengers films. Waiting and seeing...


Nic_Nova said...

I saw some comic con interview footage that explained that the infinity gauntlet and the cosmic cube will just be in background shots in the Thor movie. Apparently Odin will have some sort of trophy case with a number of items such as these in it.

Anonymous said...

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Gary S. Lee said...

Glad it was helpful to you.